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Stephen J. Hayes - Past Projects
Examples of Mr. Hayes’s EDC Projects
Project Name/Location Project Developer Total Cost   App. Sq. Ft./ Use

New UN Building, MAN

UN $650,000,000   950,000 sf office
New Park- East River, MAN UN/NYC $40,000,000   3-acre park
Sale of 1 & 2 UN Plaza, MAN TBD $200,000,000   800,000 sf office
New High Line Park, MAN NYC, Friends of HL $60,000,000   6.7-acre park
Fifth Avenue at 110th St., MAN Museum for African Art/Brickman $90,000,000   240,000 sf museum, res.
Fashion Industry Incubator, MAN CFDA/TBD $20,000,000   50,000 sf studios, retail
New York Eye, MAN Tussauds/Dubai Int'l Capital $150,000,000   60,000 sf entertainment
Kingsbridge-Riverdale RFP, BX TBD $75,000,000   200,000+ sf retail

Examples of Mr. Hayes’s Completed EDC Development Projects
Project Name Project Location App. Sq. Ft/Use
Nicotra 900 LLC 900 South Ave, SI 65,000 sf corporate office
Municipal Credit Union 2 Lafayette St, MAN 11,000 sf office/retail
Kingdom of Bhutan 763 First Ave, MAN 9,000 sf mission/office
ADCO Electrical Corp. Bloomfield Rd, SI 100,000 sf contractor office
New York Times/FCR Eighth Ave at 41st St, MAN 900,000 sf corporate office
Con Agg Recycling 123 Westchester Ave, BX 100,000 sf recycling plant
Superior Confections 1000 South Ave, SI              200,000 sf chocolate factory
A & I/Katz Manufacturing 164th St, BX 50,000 sf metal manufacturing
Far East Realty 765 First Ave, MAN 18,500 sf residential
Beekman Regent 931 First Ave, MAN 150,000 sf luxury residential
Seaport Block 97 Front St, MAN 150,000 sf residential/hotel
ABKI/LMKW Washington Ave, BX 100,000 sf low-income residential
Hilton Garden Hotel 1100 South Ave, SI 255,000 sf hotel/office
UN Hotel/Millennium 1 & 2 UN Plaza, MAN 200,000 sf hotel condo
Winking Retail 75 East Broadway, MAN 37,000 sf retail
Bridgemarket Queensboro Bridge, MAN 98,000 sf retail
Citarella 461 W. 125th St, MAN 20,000 sf retail
Corn Exchange Bldg. 81 E. 125th St, MAN 40,000 sf culinary school/retail

Request For Proposals Written and Issued by Mr. Hayes
Washington Heights Garage Building, MAN
Battery Maritime Building, MAN
SI Corporate Park Development Sites, SI
75 East Broadway, MAN
Seaport Block 97 (Front St.) Buildings, MAN
One, Two and Three United Nations Plaza, MAN
Kingsbridge-Riverdale Surface Parking Site, BX

Special Projects/ Studies Conducted by Mr. Hayes
Training and Employment Council of Brooklyn
Harlem’s Strivers Center Study
Time Square Public Purpose Fund Grants
Orchestra Rehearsal Space Needs Study
United Nations Space Needs Study
The New York Times Building Architect Selection
Various Community Board 197a Plans

Stephen J. Hayes - Biography