The Carey Group LLC
Real estate development and government relations specialists
Government Relations and Lobbying Services

The Carey Group LLC can assist you with all governmental processes to move your project along quickly and efficiently.  We do this by providing guidance and affecting policy in the following ways:

  • Determine required and/or recommended processes;

  • Strategize on an approach to each process;

  • Change and/or affect legislation;

  • Initiate and follow up with agency rule adoption, amendment or rejection;

  • Initiate and follow up with board or commission determination.

Further, The Carey Group LLC can greatly affect efficiency by assisting with the following:

  • Set up and coordinate meetings with government officials;

  • Act on your behalf with negotiations and project management;

  • Perform public relations functions as well as public communication oversight.

Our Services

The Carey Group LLC provides a wide range of services that allows you to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects and/or initiatives. The Carey Group LLC manages information and relationships to achieve efficiency in terms of both time and cost, and The Carey Group LLC becomes an experienced and active member of your team and in so doing works to ensure the success of your project.