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Regina DeMilia
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Regina DeMiliaRegina DeMilia is Vice President of The Carey Group LLC.

Prior to The Carey Group LLC, Ms. DeMilia worked for J. Adams Consulting, a New York City government relations firm. Ms. DeMilia’s clients were varied and included a major drug store chain, a major airline, an international not-for-profit, and multiple real estate developers.

Prior to joining J. Adams Consulting, Ms. DeMilia was a Senior Policy Analyst for the Bloomberg Administration (2002).

From 1996-2002, Ms. DeMilia was Vice President and Director of Government and Community Relations for the New York City Economic Development Corporation. At the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Ms. DeMilia was involved in many complex retail projects, recreational facility development as well as ferry terminal redevelopments. Further, Ms. DeMilia ran a department that was responsible for all intergovernmental relationships at EDC and all public presentations made by EDC.

Ms. DeMilia’s expertise includes the management of community and government relations in the particular context of real estate development processes, and she concentrates on building relationships and inter-relationships of all involved parties in planning, community relations and transactional processes.

Ms. DeMilia is a graduate of New England College.