The Carey Group LLC
Real estate development and government relations specialists


Identify and Secure Government Funding and Incentives

The Carey Group LLC can assist in identifying and accessing a variety of government and other funding/financing programs including IDA benefits, ICAP benefits, CFA funding, EB-5 financing, New Market Tax Credits, as well as low cost energy.

Specifically, we can provide the following:

  • Analyze project funding needs and identify potential funding sources appropriate for your project;

  • Prepare and submit applications and supporting materials;

  • Track and provide follow-up as may be appropriate;

  • Interact with appropriate government agencies and others to facilitate communication of information, consideration of application and awarding of potential benefits.

Our Services

The Carey Group LLC provides a wide range of services that allows you to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects and/or initiatives. The Carey Group LLC manages information and relationships to achieve efficiency in terms of both time and cost, and The Carey Group LLC becomes an experienced and active member of your team and in so doing works to ensure the success of your project.