The Carey Group LLC
Real estate development and government relations specialists


Identification of Real Estate and/or Economic Development Opportunities-Preparation and Presentation of RFPs, RFQs and RFEI Responses

The Carey Group LLC can help identify project opportunities and help prepare proposals so these opportunities become successful projects.

The Carey Group LLC can respond to Request For Proposals/Qualifications/Expressions of Interest (from various city, state and federal agencies as well as private issuers). In so doing, The Carey Group will take the lead on analyzing the opportunity, identifying appropriate team members (planning, architectural, legal, etc.), managing the flow of information among team members, preparation and submission of the response, and presenting the response to the issuing entity.

The Carey Group LLC also works with brokers and through various databases as well as through a variety of auctions and other bidding mechanisms to find attractive opportunities.

Our Services

The Carey Group LLC provides a wide range of services that allows you to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your projects and/or initiatives. The Carey Group LLC manages information and relationships to achieve efficiency in terms of both time and cost, and The Carey Group LLC becomes an experienced and active member of your team and in so doing works to ensure the success of your project.